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Testimonials from industry pros

My nephew has been taking lessons with Pascal for some time now and his progress is amazing. Pascal seems to have figured out what to teach and how to teach it.

— Kelly Curtis
Manager, Pearl Jam

As a music teacher, Pascal is in a class of his own. His insightful approach to pedagogy is superb and his teaching techniques astoundingly successful!

— Jeremy Mundel
Guitar Manager, Tukwila Guitar Center

Pascal makes learning to play the guitar a fun and fail-safe experience.

— Rachael Millikan
Publicist, Jazz Alley

I have known Pascal for over five years, I have found him to be an excellent teacher — he has spent a lot of time on his education and he is a fully qualified teacher. When we at Guitar Center sell a guitar, we want our customer to enjoy it to the fullest extent. I feel very confident sending all my clients to Pascal anytime for lessons because he truly provides quality guitar instruction.

— Matt Blair
Store Manager, Lynnwood Guitar Center
Past Store Manager, Kirkland, Tukwila, and Seattle Guitar Centers

I have been referring clients to Pascal for four years. His students come back to the store and every one of them is extremely thrilled with his teaching. I just haven't seen anyone with the passion, the enthusiasm, and the dedication to teaching that Pascal has. He is amazing! We very much appreciate working with him. In my opinion, he is one the best guitar instructors I have ever come across!

— Christian Aten
Assistant Manager, Hollywood Guitar Center
Past Assistant Manager, Seattle Guitar Center

I've seen firsthand how fast Pascal's students improve, from rank beginners to experienced players. He really knows his subject, he's a natural-born teacher, and he's a really nice guy to boot. What more can you ask for in a music instructor?

— James Schultz
Co-owner, The Guitar Store, Seattle

When I started taking lessons with Pascal I had a horrible sense of timing. Some songs I could play easily while other simple songs gave me trouble. Pascal was able to straighten out my timing and got me playing complex rhythms right away. And for that I owe him big time. He’s the best guitar teacher in Seattle and I am always glad to refer others to him.

— Jonathan Moore
Accessories Manager, Tukwila Guitar Center

If you are looking for a great teacher who’s qualified for all styles, try Pascal — you won't be disappointed!

— Mike Ortiz
Guitar Manager, Seattle Guitar Center

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Student reviews from other websites

The following reviews, written by some of Pascal's students, have been culled from various review websites (like Google+ and Yelp) and have been reproduced here with permission from their authors. The views and opinions expressed in these reviews are those of their authors and do not necessarily represent Pascal's personal views.

Review by Tony S.

I have been taking lessons from Pascal for nearly a year now.

Pascal is a fantastic guitar player, but more importantly to me he is an experienced and effective teacher.

From the first lesson he has been clear, concise, encouraging, motivating and serious about my progress on the guitar.

Pascal displays a strong passion for guitar playing and teaching. He puts much thought into his lessons.

His lessons are very well thought out. Over weeks of teaching, you can look back and see that each lesson has clearly built on the last, and nearly every week I have been amazed at the things that I can play and how easy it has been by taking incremental steps to improve.

The one on one time with Pascal has been a great help. He pays very close attention to every little thing I do to make sure I am doing things the right way all with the intention of making sure that I avoid any roadblocks or technical issues that can lead to plateaus.

Pascal's clear gift for teaching and his amazing talent on guitar are a killer combination for a guitar teacher. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about improving on guitar both technically and harmonically look to Pascal.

You definitely get the impression that he can teach just about anything.

Review by Virginia L.

I started out taking lessons with Pascal over 5 years ago as a wee beginner. Looking back at where I started, I'm surprised at how much progress I have made and have learned more than I ever expected to.

You're probably reading this review because you're looking for a guitar teacher. At the time I was looking for a teacher, I was most impressed with Pascal's website, the content of which demonstrated a care and attention to detail that gave me the feeling that the person behind it would have a similar attitude towards teaching. If you don't have an instrument yet, don't worry, Pascal will give you all the advice you need on choosing the right one.

It is obvious from the start that Pascal is not only a phenomenal guitar player, but also, and more importantly, displays a strong passion and dedication for teaching. Each lesson is carefully designed and structured to build off of techniques previously learned and Pascal has a knack for making even difficult concepts easy to digest. He imparts simple tips and tricks, mined from years of experience, that have helped me master techniques and avoid tedious memorization exercises which would have made the learning process agonizingly painful. Having one-on-one lessons also allows Pascal to give me the personal attention needed to provide feedback, positive and negative, and nip bad habits in the bud before they become ingrained. Additionally, each lesson comes with handouts which I use to practice with and later as a reference (I have 400+ pages of material so it's important to keep it all organized).

Pascal has a diverse set of musical tastes and one of the secondary benefits of taking lessons with him is that he's exposed me to a plethora of great music that I would not otherwise have discovered on my own. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or think you can rival Joe Satriani, there's something for you to learn from Pascal. Also, I've found that lessons are very motivating in terms of encouraging me to keep practice because, yes, I do get lazy sometimes. With Pascal, if you put in the time and effort, you will be rewarded greatly with the freedom to be as creative as your heart desires and you will have more fun playing the guitar than a mouse running loose in a cheese factory.

Oh, and Pascal's a super cool guy too.

Review by Damien L.

I started taking classes with Pascal Louvel about 18 months ago and have made steady progress on my technique as well as my understanding of music in general. Outside of being an outstanding guitar player, Pascal has developed a truly effective teaching method that can accommodate students at any level of expertise. Good for me since I was a beginner when I started.

So we started with the basics of rhythm & timing and I got the help I needed there. So eventually we moved into lead guitar techniques and harmony in general. I should note that I am in my early forties and thus have limited time to practice. Because of Pascal's approach, I have been able to maximize my practice time by focusing on the exercises and techniques that are most important.

I would also like to mention that Pascal is very patient with me and easy to work with. It's been a blast working with Pascal, I really enjoy practicing the material and experiencing steady improvement in my playing.

Review by Mary Lou S.

I strongly recommend Pascal Louvel as a guitar teacher for all skill levels. I have studied with Pascal since February 2010, and am highly satisfied with the music content and his clear, accessible teaching style. I also play clarinet and piano for the fun of it, and can read music, but the guitar has its own unique rewards and challenges. I love anything that has to do with the guitar, and Pascal thoughtfully passes on information about players, recordings, gear, and websites that he feels might be of interest or use to me.

Pascal customizes each of my biweekly lessons to my current level of understanding and practice. As a result, I have steadily made progress. So far, we have covered basic rhythms and playing technique, scale patterns in preparation for playing lead and eventual improvisation, chord forms, including barre chords, and songs that are challenging to play, but in a motivating, not discouraging, way.

Two things that struck me right off in studying with Pascal is that, one, he really emphasizes practicing and playing music in proper time, which is crucial to playing well with other musicians, amateur or professional. The other thing is that he strongly urges students to practice in between lessons, which leads without fail to better playing and musicianship. With Pascal, I am motivated to practice at least 15-20 minutes per day, 3 or more days per week. Also, he is quite patient with questions or challenges I may have with a lesson, and thoroughly addresses them before we move on.

I'll close with how impressed I am with Pascal's musical knowledge and guitar mastery. Over the years, he has developed an extremely comprehensive system of teaching harmony, and for me, it is the perfect approach to advancing my understanding of chords, scales, and the art of improvisation.

Review by Anthony V.

I have been working with Pascal for about a year and half, and can state that we are fortunate to have access to a consummate musician that has a genuine enthusiasm and passion for teaching. In some cases professionals of this caliber do not have the patience to work with novices like me, this is not the case with Pascal.

Pascal's broad musical influences, training, and many years of experience as an instructor have allowed him to develop a systematic approach that provides the necessary structure for students to grow and improve as both guitar players and musicians. For those of you out there wanting to take your knowledge of music to a higher level, Pascal's knowledge of harmony/theory is equally impressive, and available to students who wish to develop their knowledge in this area.

In summary I would not hesitate to recommend Pascal as a teacher to any person regardless of their skill level or musical interests; Pascal has the depth, breadth, and enthusiasm to help you achieve your musical goals.

Review by Loren B.

Two years of lessons with Pascal have been great - he is overqualified, has a fantastic attitude and a love of not only guitar and music but also teaching. He has a great teaching system that has been developed over many years. I'd recommend Pascal to any of my friends.

Review by Yolanda D.

I picked up the guitar a couple of months ago and found a teacher in West Seattle; by the time I left I was very frustrated, but did not want to give up. I felt as though that teacher was throwing too many things at me all at once.

I decided to try another teacher, and I am so glad I did. Pascal is a wonderful, talented and most all, patient teacher. My friends have commented on how much I have learned in such a short period of time.

The nice thing about Pascal, is that he moves at a pace that he knows you can handle, and being from a family of musicians and teachers, I knew after my first lesson that he knew what he was doing. I practice every day because he makes learning fun and easy for me.

I would definitely recommend Pascal if you want to have fun learning the guitar.

Review by Tim R.

Pascal is Awesome! Lessons are a must. Before I started lessons, I would find tabs online and it was fun but I was wasting my time. I wasn't progressing and I didn't have any concept of timing and other essential basics. As a result, I was playing the proper notes but I wasn't playing them correctly and I couldn't improvise at all.

Pascal takes difficult concepts and breaks them down into small, easy to understand pieces. Harmony concepts that I thought I wouldn't be able to grasp, I understand fully and use every day. He has a ton of tips that make learning so much faster. For instance, you learn how to find any note on the neck quickly without having to memorize the whole neck, which is crucial skill. Another great thing is that he uses tablature in his lessons. So, you don't have to know how to read music to get started.

If you ever want to write your own music or play with other people, call Pascal now. He will make sure you learn the right way. I'm writing music and playing/improvising solos, at a level I thought I would never be able to achieve. Every lesson opens new possibilities.

Review by Andrew P.

I started out trying to teach myself to play the guitar using beginner books and free online lessons. At first I was enthused to be taking the plunge and learning some chords. What was missing was an understanding of the structure behind what I was learning. For example, I didn't want to just learn the chords to popular songs but rather why those chords could be used together and why. I soon realized that trying to teach myself was going to be a long and potentially error prone process so I decided to seek out private instruction. I wanted to be able to ask "why" and get an answer and not have to guess or poke around in the dark and hope to stumble on understanding. I needed a guide.

Having spent a fair amount of my adult life in various universities I knew that mileage can vary when it to comes to instruction. After spending some time looking over various local online search results I found Pascal's site. I was immediately struck by the difference in his presentation from the rest of the offerings. Instead of a bio and picture there was a complete presentation of his approach to guitar instruction. The emphasis on an understanding of harmony struck home with me and I gave him a call.

I've been taking weekly one hour lessons with Pascal for four months. If I had to find another teacher it would be like having my world turned upside down. In the first few minutes of my first lesson, Pascal identified what was my biggest fear, rhythm and timing. Pascal immediately recognized that I didn't play to any particular tempo and how crucial that is to making music. I've come to expect Pascal's keen attention to how I am playing my exercises. There is no indifference or laziness here, he watches, assesses, then instructs. Pascal writes his own lessons, he doesn't borrow pages from books or other sources (each page has an idea or purpose that is clearly defined, each a building block of understanding) . His energy to embellish his own written material with written impromptu notes and clarifications are the norm for each lesson.

My curiosity about music theory was met with much enthusiasm. Even though I have only been playing for a few months my understanding of harmony and how it relates to the guitar fingerboard still astonishes me. Granted, I ask a lot of questions and because of my math background I can absorb concepts quickly, but regardless, Pascal has the answers and you can sense his excitement when he shares ideas that open up your understanding about music and especially the guitar. Looking back at the last few months I realize I take Pascal's knowledge for granted, he never has to look something up in a book or get back to you on some idea. Some of my favorite lessons have been when my head was full of questions and getting access to Pascal for an hour.

If there is a rhythm I just can't get down or an idea that is foggy for me Pascal has the patience and experience to present the material in a way that makes it seem easy. Pascal is great at sensing when something is shaky in my playing or my understanding and quickly focuses on solving the problem. He places a lot of emphasis on the importance of the fundamentals and how that will ultimately lead to real enjoyment as I grow as a guitarist. Pascal has made me aware of how important it is to learn something correctly the first time rather than trying to retrain yourself down the road (I honestly feel I will be saving countless wasted hours by learning material in an order that makes sense for my experience and by learning good technique from the start).

I feel so fortunate that Pascal is available in this time and this place to take lessons from. I feel that Pascal has a real talent for teaching. I feel it is something he is both talented at and genuinely loves to do. I look forward to my lesson each week with excitement, knowing that I am steadily growing as a guitarist. I always leave my lessons with a smile on my face and looking forward to the days ahead with a guitar in my lap.

Review by Rob H.

I've been taking lessons with Pascal for quite a while now and I can definitely say that he is a fantastic teacher! I've played guitar for many years but had never taken any formal lessons previously. What I've learned with Pascal has been so helpful to my playing. He really listens to your playing and helps you build a rock solid foundation. I'm very impressed with how perceptive Pascal is - he picks up on the smallest details and makes sure you've got it right. He also can communicate in magical ways - when I'm having trouble picking up a concept he finds something that works for me every time. I can't say enough about Pascal's teaching skills.

I have a stressful job and a busy life, but every time I spend an hour with Pascal I feel like I leave behind all the stresses and strains and really allow myself to let go and be in a peaceful place mentally (mental medication you might call it). It's been great and I highly value the experience. On top of everything else, Pascal is a fantastic player and such a very cool guy. I'd highly recommend Pascal to anyone who wants to take their guitar playing to a high level!!!

Review by Gregory M.

I was fortunate enough to take lessons from Pascal for a number of months last summer. Unfortunately I wasn't able to continue due to personal reasons, but my experience with him was wonderful and very fruitful.

I've been playing for a very long time, and sometimes in my position it's hard to recognize your weaknesses and figure out where to make progress. Pascal was able to talk to me openly and honestly about where my deficiencies were without making me feel bad in any way. He was encouraging and had a plan! I was able to make immediate progress on some very fundamental aspects of guitar that had been holding me back for a long time.

I don't think I've ever seen a more organized and efficient instructor, and it really helps in making incremental progress over the short term, and taking major strides over the long term. I'd highly recommend Pascal to anyone looking for guitar lessons with disciplined and well-thought-out lesson plans. His focus on technique and fundamentals can help anyone through any style.

Direct feedback from students

The Best Method

Of all the methods of learning guitar that I've seen, yours is the best. In the first lesson, you get to know the player, their skill level, and where they want to go, and from there you start them on the path that they want to take. You have a structured course that is adapted to the player's strengths and weaknesses. You make sure that the student understands, you burn the lesson in, and you actually care about the student!

— J, Kent

Glad I kept looking!

I was getting so frustrated with my playing, I thought I was going to give up guitar for good and never walk into a music store again. I'm glad I did, because that's how I learned about you. I made so much progress that I went out and treated myself to a genuine American Strat. Now I can play my favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper riffs with the perfect amount of funk! Thanks for keeping me playing!

— P, Seattle

Music, Not Tricks

I would definitely recommend you because you actually want the student to understand the guitar and the music — you don't just teach a few superficial tricks to placate those who have no real desire to learn to play guitar.

— T, Bellevue

Structured Lesson Plans

Your lessons are very structured and organized. I think the best thing is that you keep me on the lesson and each lesson leads into the next. I am not there to just learn a few memorized tunes and leave.

— B, Everett

You Remember What It's Like

When people get good at something, they tend to forget how hard it was for them to learn, and it's tough to relate to people who are just learning because you, as a player, have far surpassed them. I think you do a good job of remembering what it was like for you when you were learning and can relate that to your teaching.

— T, Sammamish

More Helpful than Anything Else

Your lessons helped me more than anyone or any book ever has.

— J, Kent


Your ability to communicate the theory of harmony as it applies to guitar is a great gift to your students. You have always been able to answer any questions or clear up any uncertainties that I may have had.... I wish that I could have had the same kind of insight imparted by my saxophone and piano teachers.

— D, Seattle

Worth the Commute!

I spend so much time on my computer at work, the last thing I want is to have to log on to get a guitar lesson! I want face time! Some things are better done in person, and that includes learning guitar. You know what the highest praise I can give you is? Well — you know how busy I am, and you know how far away I live — and you're still worth the commute!

— E, Tacoma

Instant Error Spotting

I appreciate that you have such a wealth of experience teaching. You can spot small errors early on and correct them before they become big problems. And you can anticipate questions that I am going to have.

— C, Seattle

Relating Guitar Concepts to
Prior Musical Training

It's great working with you because you can so easily relate the guitar concepts you are teaching me to keyboard concepts I am already familiar with. Thank you so much for going the extra mile in our last guitar lesson, going back and forth between your keyboard and your guitar with my favorite chord voicings. Your understanding of chords goes far beyond the guitar books I own and I am really starting to see some of the guitar's unique musical possibilities. You really know your stuff and you are fluid, responsive, and resourceful. I know I have finally found the right teacher.

— H, Bellevue

Hands-On Solutions

You have convinced me that music is best taught in person, one-on-one, with a live teacher. For example, you were right about adjusting my posture. I played all day yesterday and my wrist doesn't hurt anymore. Not only that, but my fingers are finally getting stronger — it's like everything is easier to play in the correct posture. Plus, the human connection you provide is great for motivation and encouragement!

I'm looking forward to many more lessons with you. I can already tell I'm going to be able to fix my timing problems using your approach, and I can't wait to play with the guys this coming spring! Thank you, Pascal — you are a fantastic guitar teacher!

— Y, Redmond

Secret Weapon

Pascal, I think of your lessons as my "secret weapon." You are so talented, it stuns me sometimes that you have the patience and enthusiasm to teach a hacker like me. To be honest, before I would refer a friend to you, they would have to be pretty serious about learning.

— S, Renton


Thanks for sharing your own music goals and interests with me. It's nice to see that you're not just a teacher, but also a player who's still excited about learning something new. When I am practicing all the new stuff you gave me, I think about you practicing your own new stuff, and this gives me a kick in the pants and makes me work even harder. Somehow, thinking of you as a fellow musician who also needs to practice and learn makes it easier for me to relate to you as a teacher. Your lessons really motivate me to become the best I can be and force me to put my laziness aside! You always know exactly what to cover so I come away from each guitar lesson with a big stock of motivation for the week. Thanks!

— J, Everett


It takes so much patience to do your job, sitting down for an hour with a guy like me and making sure I get it right even though I am not exactly the fastest learner. Most good guitar players don't want to do it — too painful or boring, I guess! — and I am so glad you are willing to. Thanks to you, my playing is finally taking off!

— P, Bothell

Clarity, Precision and Passion

Pascal, you teach with clarity, precision, and passion. My search for the best guitar instructor in Seattle is over, and you're the man!

— W, Newcastle

Popular Songs

I like your lessons because they are so well organized. I also like that you use popular songs to illustrate the concepts.

— C, Seattle

Discipline Helps

I appreciate the fact that you take lessons, attendance, and quality seriously. It's easy for people to get interested in things and then find excuses to slack off. I find that being expected to practice, make appointments, and have a certain level of discipline is very helpful.

— H, Bellevue

Real Progress is fun

When you've wasted years floundering around as I have, it's so refreshing to start making real progress and having lots of fun. You're really a gifted teacher and good guy.

— U, Seattle

Manageable Segments

I am glad that your lessons are targeted toward the learner's ability and are manageable segments of new material even for someone like me who has a full schedule.

— J, Renton

Serendipitous Healing

Initially I picked up the guitar on a lark. Although it was seemly at random that I found you, the adage is true, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". As a woman, I find your teaching style instantaneously affirming which is so refreshing. An unexpected benefit of my time spent with you has been the enriching two-fer deal with each session. I get an hour lesson for me, the absolute beginner; and, I receive ongoing music therapy for my wounded heart during my post-lesson practice. Serendipitously I have released a lot of buried emotional stuff since meeting you. Thank YOU, Pascal, for introducing me to the healing powers of music.

— C, Pacific

World-Class Training

What can I say? It's incredible learning from someone like you who has trained with world-class guitarists. You know a thing or two about teaching music, and for me it comes through in every single lesson. Count on me being your student for a long time!

— D, West Seattle

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