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GUITAR RELATED LINKS - Some help on your journey to becoming a better guitar player.

  • Seattle Guitar Lessons - Guitar Lessons Seattle:
  • Pascal Louvel:
  • Seattle Guitar Teacher - Guitar Lessons In Seattle Google Reviews and Map: Google+
  • Better Intonation Technology: Play a correctly Buzz Feiten-retrofitted guitar intonated and tuned with the precision of a Peterson tuner and you will understand what you have been missing all these years.
  • Dimitriou's Jazz Alley: My favorite hangout in Seattle when I'm in the mood for jazz (and great food!)
  • Ultimate Guitar Setup Technology: Want to get your guitar to play 5 times better than it does now? Get your guitar "pleked" and will be thrilled!

    A Plek setup will give you the optimum in playability. It is the biggest breakthrough in guitar technology in thirty years. It is highly contagious and put simply, it will rapidly change everything for guitar players, guitar builders, and luthiers. You had better get in line for this one!

    Wherever you live, be sure to let the dedicated individuals at your favorite local guitar repair shop know about the Plek machine, they have everything to gain from learning about it.